Why we do, what we do. . .

Have you ever done something in your life and after you did it, you didn’t know why?  Maybe you felt stupid.  Maybe you felt selfish.  Maybe you couldn’t even answer why you did what you did.

In my lifetime I have had so many times where I’ve either heard from somebody, “Now, why did I do that?”  Or that saying has come directly out of my mouth.  For us to achieve maximum success, we must understand why we do what we do.  Unfortunately, this can be quite a task.  Why?  Because you have to look at you.  In this day and age few really want to fine tune themselves to achieve beyond the norm.  For those of you who are interested, this is your article. 

Let’s start with our first task.  If you could be granted one wish that would absolutely come true, what would your wish be?  Now you might think this is a very odd question, but I’m telling you this is our first task.  Now that you know what your wish would be, it’s time for your second question.  Does your wish have to do with a monetary gain?  Does it have to do with a relationship?  Does it have to do with just having peace or health?

Many in our society are out for monetary gain.  Monetary gain can become quite a dark road for greed, jealousy, power, fame, and downright ugliness.  Our world is driven by monetary gain.  We’re not fine with one house, we must have two.  Two drivers in the household with four cars in the driveway.  We must build up our 401K so we can have more monetary gain when we get older.  But where does all of this gain lead us?  To the number one position.  To numero uno!  To the big Kahuna!  The master CEO!  Am I making my point yet?  And what will we do to gain this number one position?  Let me put this another way.  What will we lower our standards to, to receive this numero uno position?  If you were one that answered that you would like to have peace for your wish, or a relationship to last forever, then you my friends, are deep.  But, for a high percentage of the masses, gain is the master game.  And what people will do for gain becomes very scary.

If you feel bad because you answered the question with some kind of gain, you’re still on the right road.  You still can be corrected to a path that will lead you out of destruction.  Here’s the wild card; the real power and energy is released when you let someone else take the number one position.  Humility is a power most do not practice.  How is one to walk on a path of power without being in the number one position?  This is the big question. I’ll get to this soon.

We must backtrack a tad so we don’t get lost.  Let’s start again.  Why do we do what we do?  Remember the question?  Here’s a simple answer.  The Eagles sang the answer quite eloquently.  “We are programmed to receive.  You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”  We are being smothered with signals that make us do things we would not normally do.  We might cut somebody off on the interstate.  We might cut in line when we know someone else was waiting first.  It’s the “me…then you syndrome”.  Why do we do this?  Why do we do what we do?  Why do we want to go first?  Why will we not let people have the right of way?  Why is it, “us. . . then them”?  Oh, I know, because that’s what they’re doing.  If we don’t hurry up and grab that parking place, they will.

We are slowly turning into animals.  Why?  I don’t know why?  I don’t know why we do what we do?  Subliminal?  Over-exaggerated?  Not true?  We need to know why we do what we do.  We need to be held accountable, and not by someone else, but by ourselves. 

Let’s grab the second task.  Ask yourself this question, “When you went to ask yourself the first question, was it a spiritual answer or a worldly answer?”  In other words— your big wish—was it a spiritual wish or a worldly wish?  Would the answer come from the heavenlies or a bundle of cash from a business, a lottery ticket, and so on?

Many of the religious followers flock into the churches on Sunday so they can feel spiritual and yet, they have no idea they are so controlled by the world.  “Say these words, memorize this, sit down, stand up, begin to sing, let’s pray.”  I would feel less tired going to a dog show!  The amount of control that sits inside the religious establishment is appalling.  And what’s worse, is that the people believe they have free will.

Why do we do what we do?  Was your first wish spiritual?  Was it for your gain or someone else?  Was it for you to help others or to help yourself?  This is not me ranting on you, this is me turning on a light and you stepping under.  If I gave you two or three wishes, you might have selected a spiritual wish.  But with only one, we cut to the chase.  And with this statement, I ask you this: “What is it you want out of life?”  What are you willing to sacrifice or risk?  How much change will you allow?  And will you accomplish this?  Why do we do what we do?  Why do we have that boring job?  Why do we stay in that terrible relationship?  Why do we file into a religious establishment that teaches us nothing about spirituality, but teaches us everything about law and order?  And of course, it is their law and their order.  Is that a New World Order? 

Let’s go back to that question, how is one to walk with power and not be in the number one position?  People who wrestle for the number one position are power hungry.  They will beg, borrow, steal, and kill just to get into that number one position.  Here’s the fun part.  They don’t belong there.  You may even know this.  But, if you wrestle with them for that number one position, you’re drawn into the fight.  As soon as you begin this quarrel, you lose.  As soon as you go into the ring, you’re finished.  The power of humility is released when you let them take the number one position.  Don’t appoint, just step aside.  They will take the number one position, and in time, they will miserably fail.  If you have acted in humility, and you truly are the one for the position, a great, unexplainable force will come over someone, and you will be appointed for the number one position.  You will not have to fight, argue, beg, borrow, or steal to receive what is rightfully yours.  If you are not appointed to this position, you were never ready in the first place.

There is a higher power that knows all, sees all, and displays all.  We must be in alignment.  We must know why we do what we do.  We must know, (Are you ready?), the motives of our heart.  The motives of our heart guide us into why we do what we do.  If your heart is good, filled with love, compassion, and putting others before you, your heart will guide you into a power unseen by mankind.  If your heart is filled with “you...then me”, or the “me-monster” world, your heart is scarred.  It is dark.  And you will make mistakes and err.  Your error will cause you humiliation, anguish, and sorrow.  These conditions come from knowing who we are and plugging into an energy that far surpasses our knowledge.  What you think will come back to you.  If you are thinking failure, you will become a failure.  If you are thinking anger, then you will become…anger.  You will be surrounded by anger.  If you are scheming for first place, that too will be laid in your lap.  But when you give it away, it’s hard for someone to steal.

Analogy:  If you have five dollars in your wallet or purse, and that is your lunch money, and by noon you’ve given it to somebody less fortunate than you, then I ask you this question…How can a thief take your five dollars?  You gave it away.  There’s nothing for him to steal.  It is the motive of heart and how our mind processes that motive, that makes us who we are.  Your mind is a powerful tool, not a hat rack.  Why do you do what you do?  It’s connected to your heart.  If your heart is good, what you do will be good.  If your heart is bad, you’ll lay on the side of erring.  If you lay on the side of erring, you will be intoxicated with humiliation and never be successful.

Success is created by a mindset of heart and the power of creativity.  The Creator is a giver, not a taker.  He empowers those that create and humble themselves before men.  The church talks…and the spiritual ones of the Creator walk. 

I want to encourage you to look inside yourself, and look inside your heart, and begin to identify why you do what you do.  Ask yourself questions.  Are you happy?  Do you love your spouse?  Are you happy with your kids?  Do you have a spiritual connection?  Have you given lately?  Does your face show happiness or anger?  And the last question—that’s quite funny—is…are you healthy?  If you are unhealthy, overweight, sick, or such, you are not happy.  Most of our health is connected to heart issues.  And when I say heart issues, I’m not talking about health issues, I’m talking about heart/emotional issues.

Go dig, you’ll learn something.  Ask someone that knows you to help you.  Many people cannot identify with themselves, thus they are a walking catastrophe.  As my father would say, “They are an accident waiting to happen.”  If you want to be successful, know the motives of your heart, begin to change, and get connected to a higher source.  The Creator’s day-runner has openings.  Boy, that’s an eighties term!  I could be giving my age away here.  I’m not sure if the Creator carries a palm-pilot, but my point is, make an appointment.  Here’s a word of hope.  The Creator’s free, and the doctors will rape you.  It’s your choice. 



        Ronnie McMullen

        Author and Radio Talk Show Host