What’s Happening?!?!

I want to start this article off and tell you, that this title is not a greeting. This is a question, and this is an awakening. What the heck is happening? The Christians believe in the second coming of Christ and a rapture that will hand pick only the “goody two-shoes” out of a crowd that we call the masses. The New Age movement has a different belief.  They  convey their beliefs with giving few parameters/boundaries  leading people to enlightenment through various spiritual leaders. You then have the Mormons with their set of beliefs, the Hindus, the Jews and many others with such strong beliefs yet all different and sometimes divisive. Meanwhile, mankind is breaking down like a wilting flower with no water. Many speak the words of love and peace, yet they show no love and there is no peace inside them unless you conform to their belief system. I as a man who use my mouth for a living find this shocking and revolting. Love is supposed to be unconditional yet in many of the religions love looks more controlling than it does fruitful. Has the great adversary set traps in our wilderness, so as we walk on our path we will be snared by control and imprisonment? What if I was to show you that control and imprisonment is yet another belief. What if we were to lean to a thought that this real world was not quite so real? The many religious institutions, which collect buildings, parking lots, real estate and even humans, seem more like traps than freedom. As long as you’ve conformed to their system you are loved and semi-accepted. Notice I don’t say fully accepted. Many of the institutions want nothing to do with you unless you have a bankroll. This bankroll is what most of the religious institutions feed off of. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few out there that care, but the few that care struggle with their finances. Maybe that’s because they give, versus take. What is happening? The ancient writings warned us of a world growing cold. The ancient writings warned us to give and not to take. We’re even inspired by movies depicting people that need to give and love to survive. Yet the public grows colder. When we shut ourselves off to other human beings could this be a path of darkness? Many in this world will do just about anything for a buck, yet these same people speak words that try to teach people about integrity. Is this why the ancient writings warned us about hypocrisy? We can sit in a room with others and point the finger at how everyone else has messed up, but are we looking at the other four fingers that are pointing back at us?  Have we sat on our mat and meditated about who we were, who we are, and who we’re to become? Or do we sit at the breakfast table contemplating our next business deal using worldly excuses to deny our merge with the beast. Recently I read an article about John Edwards, vice presidential candidate from 2004 with his trial for his illegal donations during his campaign. He is still in denial and he’s facing trial for a money scandal. People are squabbling over Mr. Edward’s $400.00 haircuts. (I’ve seen high prices for haircuts, but this is absolutely outstanding.) So here we have the vice presidential candidate going to court for financial issues, while his morals are shot.  He has a dying wife, a mistress and a fun ride on someone else’s dime. And this was supposed to be the second in command for our country?  I ask you, what’s happening?!  At this current time, our president and our congress are passing the most scary laws ever to be passed, that deal with enslavement, scrutiny, power and I believe this will all soon lead to death. What’s going on? People are not united, we are Republicans or we’re Democrats or we’re Liberals. We’re Baptist, we’re Catholic, we’re Mormon or we’re New Age. We’re Black, we’re white, we have a full head of hair or we have no hair. We’re male, we’re female, we’re bisexual or we’re nonsexual. We’re old, we’re young, we’re fat or we’re thin.  We’re ugly or we’re good looking. We’re wrinkled or smooth skinned. We’re happy, or we’re sad. We’re inspired, or we’re depressed. What is happening? What is life? In this jungle, are we the animal or are we the plant? Are we the rain or are we the dust? Where are our thoughts? Is it the world of the “me- monster” or the poor beggar that serves? Is it the mind of the elite wading through the dung or the pure water of the simple and faithful? Are we heroes or are we villains? Is it getting hard to tell the difference?  What is happening? The Christians say they need a Savior, yet would not recognize him if they were in his hands. The elite want to rule and can’t make a good decision to save their life. And all of this is going on under the great commander’s watch. Not one hair on your head moves, unless He knows. Do we really feel superior when we truly have no answers? If we had all the answers, we could recreate our destiny and clean this dung hole up and set our path on a journey of excitement. No, we’re still filling our cars up with that good ole crude oil at $4 a gallon and hoping for our political leaders to bail us out of all of our habitual greed. What is happening? The cosmos are shifting and Mother Nature is set to change her ways. The Creator of all is about to let everyone in this world, and maybe other worlds know what His existence is really about. My words to you are buckle up baby. For I believe that it’s all about our intentionality. Our consciousness opens up through an electrical path of love. Is love an energy? Is love a sign? Is love a word? Or is love a pathway to a new existence? Is love a rocket ship to a new world where unification is present? We live in a world of classified information. A few at the top of the ladder hold the keys to this dunghill kingdom and make us serve “them” to get to have a piece of the pie. What if the unseen was much much more valuable than the seen? What if you found out that you were just playing a part in a sicko movie? What if everything in your life that you feel has so much meaning had no meaning in the next world? What if the Creator is not a man with a beard and a staff sitting on some golden throne? What if your graduation from this world was based on all the stupid things you never did? What if your definitions of truth and existence were all wrong? What if you were charged for murder because you never let your truth of emotions out and you killed your own soul? What’s happening? In a nutshell, I believe it’s the separation of the wheat and chaff. It’s the separation of night and day. It’s the separation of sheep and goats. The ones with some will receive more and the ones without will lose more, and this is not about money. For those of you that are giving to mankind, you are in the shift and you feel positive energy. The Christ force came and asked his follower Peter “Do you love me?” Peter’s first reply was “yes.” Christ immediately replied with “Feed my Sheep.” Translation: Give my people food. Translation: Show them the knowledge of power with the right intentionality. The power was in the Christ force, not in the man. This is why there are those in this world that seek power, power to control, power to hurt, power for greed. It’s a dead end road, and quite honestly a reckoning is coming. A universal law is coming that will put all these baby energies in their place. For those that have sought out evil, they should know the consequence. For those that have set out for mankind, they will receive their reward. And for those that reach for the stars, to be in tune with the creative force, they too will receive their rightful place. I believe the waters are deeper than we ever imagined, but for those with a higher level of consciousness and a heart to do good, do not be dismayed by the mass media’s fear press. It is an illusion and a lie. Justice will be served and these demons and minions will be running for cover underneath the rocks. But the rocks are coming alive and will cry out to the Creator. “Here they are my Lord, deal with them justly.” The spiritual war is in phase one. If you believe the fear, you will be deceived. Sickness is at an all time high, due to our elected officials turning their heads to the global elite’s murderous ways. It’s time for us to close our eyes, wait, meditate and open our eyes to the great bright light.

        Ronnie McMullen

        Author and Radio Talk Show Host