One of the most powerful gifts we as humans possess is our mind.  We use our mind every single day, every single minute, every single second; and yet, we do not push it to its full capacity.  Your mind controls your bodily functions; your movement, your sight, your hearing, your senses and so much more, yet, this super computer is taken for granted.  Your super computer is not given its ample opportunity to obtain everything it  was designed for.  Many people do not know that we as a nation and we as a world are being controlled by technology that tells our sub-conscious what to do.  Religion tells us the difference between wrong and right, but who voted the religious authorities into their positions?  Are we not all born with the distinct ability to distinguish between wrong and right?  It is a given not take something from someone, especially if itís not yours.  It is a given not to harm somebody just because you feel like it.  Now, there are those that practice these actions, but itís not because they donít know right from wrong; itís because something inside of them rebels against whatís right.  Some of these same souls are running our country.

      A king should be about serving his people, shouldnít he?  He shouldnít have to sell it or package it with perfume. It should just be.  If you have to boast about giving me a gift, ten to one odds says itís not a gift.  The mass media has been infiltrated by corruption.  Theyíre paid to sell the public a reality.  Not the true reality, but their reality.  If you tell a lie enough times it becomes a truth.  It just takes a bit of repetition.  We use our super computers every day, and yet, we have not maxed out our mindís potential. 

     When we think about love, goodness and forgiveness, a powerful energy is released right behind those thoughts. This is an energy few tap into.  Our mass media has tapped into a negative energy.  They have tapped into the energy of fear, death and anger.  This also is a powerful energy, but this energy, because itís negative, will stop the infinite possibilities.  This energy, you might say, will stop you in  your tracks.  They donít tell you that part of the sale.  Unfortunately, we as humans, are attracted to fear like dogs are attracted to hamburger.  Horror movies have made billions scaring the pants off of those who will watch them.  But what about that positive energy?  And which energy is stronger? 

     Letís take the word thought and concentrate on that word for just a minute.  What does thought mean to you?  What are you thinking about?  When you stop and think, do you find yourself stressed?  Do you think about all the goodness youíve poured out through the day?  Do you think about all of the goodness you could pour out tomorrow?  Or, do you think about that Honda that just cut you off at that last intersection?  Do you think about how late youíll be picking up your kids from soccer?  Do you think about all that you couldnít accomplish at work or the person you might have to fire who truly needs the job?  Doctors tell us that stress will kill.  Their answer?, ďCome to my pharmaceutical parlor.Ē  Now, thereís some suggestive thought.  But, what if. . . what if we changed the codes in our super computer and went a different direction?  What if we accessed love, goodness and forgiveness from our mind and handed it out to the fortunate and the unfortunate?  Let me remind you of  the definition of thought;  Thought defines as: 1. The act or process of thinking.  2. The power of reasoning.  3. An idea, concept. 4. Attention and consideration.  Consideration?  What a thought process!  What if we read this article and tomorrow we decided to be considerate all day long?  Wow!  Wonít there be many people who benefit from your consideration?  Now, letís make this bigger.  What if 100 people read this article and decided to be considerate all day tomorrow?  What if it were 1000?  What if it were 100,000?  I can keep taking the numbers up, but I think you get the idea.  Now, letís get crazy.  What if the number of people that decided to be considerate tomorrow, caught on to other people watching?  Let me give you a small example: Letís take the neighborhood coffee shop. Somebody decided on the Holiday Season to be giving. . . so they bought their coffee and paid for the next guy behind them.  Whatever he or she wanted, they paid for.  That person in turn decided to pay for the person behind them.  And as the story is told, many, many people had their coffee bought by the person in front of them.  One person acted on a good thought and it actually caught on.  The energy was actually reproduced. 

     Now that weíve gotten crazy, you can see the power and energy of good thinking.  Thereís good thinking, thereís stressful thinking, thereís fearful thinking and so on.  What if day by day, hour by hour, we re-trained our mind to move toward the positive?  We wonít eliminate the negative, as we need some of the negative to appreciate the positive.  Hard times can make us stronger, but yelling at somebody just because youíre angry will never produce anything positive.  It will usually produce more of a jackass than a human being.  Have you ever been embarassed for how youíve handled a situation?  What if you never had to be embarassed again?  What if your thoughts had great reasoning, plenty of attention and lots of consideration?  What if you poured the energy of love, goodness and forgiveness toward others?  And most of all, what if those thoughts caught onto others?  Tomorrow could be your trial run for a new endeavor.  Itís not all that hard.  And the Creator is there to guide us, direct us and give us more than we need.  Are you sick of our mass media and angry neighbors stealing your joy?  If you become fearful and angry, you become one of them.  The next time somebody yells at you; try, try, try to smile at them and apologize.  Even if itís their fault.  Watch and experience the true power of love.