The End of the Age. . .

As we are quickly approaching January of 2013 the question arises: Is this another new year? Or something different? Supposedly by some, the age of Aquarius started around the year 2000, but as always not all can agree. The fear-mongering mass media has projected that December 21st 2012 will be the end of the world. We heard in the Christian world about 12/12/12 and as always 12/12/12 came and 12/12/12 left. No change, no nothing. Fear is fear and fear will always be. The reason that fear will always have it's place in this world is because of the people who put their beliefs in the fear energy. If no one believes in fear, it will not exist. The power of our brain has never been measured. It can't be measured. So the question now remains what age is ending and what age is beginning? Do we look to science? Do we look to religion? And goodness knows we can't look to politics. So how do we know? How do we know where to stand? How do we know what to perceive? How do we know what to believe? Question: How?

So now let's start investigating. My question to you is how do you know when you're hungry? The answer should be that you have a hunger pain. Unfortunately the world population looks to the television set and sees a picture of a hamburger which tells them that now they're hungry. If they never saw the picture of the hamburger they would have to wait for the hunger pain in their stomach. Why wait? Let's just eat before we get hungry! And we wonder why our nation is facing obesity. We're told to be hungry, we're told to be scared, we're told to be selfish, we're told we're not feared. But times are going to change. Times are going to change very soon. We are told in religion that the magical dates are in the year of 12. Twelve is the supposal "Godly" number. But this again is propaganda. The true powerful number is 13. This is why the global elite use the number 13 for all of their shenanigans. I'm sure that you remember Friday the 13th. The number 13 supposedly is unlucky. But the number 13 holds power. Faith holds power. Belief holds power. Selflessness holds power. Love holds immense power. But as long as we hold pride, hatred, selfishness, fear, and such we remain in a constant energy of force. It's force vs. power. Force must use manipulation. Power just is. It needs nothing. With all of this said, what does the end of the age mean to you and what does the beginning of a new age signify?

The fiscal cliff is approaching January of 2013. According to our President and most of our corrupt politicians we're in for another economy fall. Is this a free fall? Is this even truly a fall? Should we fall because they say? Are they setting themselves up to be a hero? If they want the sheep to move a certain way, they just call the mass media and give them the order. It's all connected. So again, the question is what does the end of the age mean to you and what does the beginning of a new age signify? The end of the age should mean you're done with that mundane lifeless, follow the media, mind controlled world. That should be the end of this age. 2013 should signify a new you. It should tell you to think for yourself. It should signify to you that in years past you were duped, but now you are awake. 2013 should be your personal alarm of an awakening. Not because New Age tells you, not because religion tells you, and for goodness sake not because our President tells you. You should be awakened because YOU KNOW. Know is the root word of knowledge. Knowledge means you're not stupid! Power comes from knowing. Question: Knowing what? I see professors in many categories of schooling that have no clue how to get out of the rain. So their great worldly knowledge cannot even keep them dry. To me there are two things we should really know.
1. We should know who we are.
2. We should know our Source. Source being Creator, Innate Intelligence, God.
With this knowledge there is infinite possibilities. With this knowledge the alarm of 2013 should mean infinite possibilities. The alarm of 2013 should mean No More Fear! The only way we as a people can be controlled is if we abandon our Source. Abandonment causes suffering. Those that abandon the Source are left for dead. They are eaten by the worldly wolves. They are consumed by the greedy, the selfish, the fear mongers, and the evil.

So as we cross over to the year of 2013 and beyond (this sounds like buzz lightyear) our heads should be filled with the energy of love and acceptance. We must forgive those pitiful fearful elite that are so very insecure. They think their money will save their souls. They think they carry power. But unfortunately all they have is force. Force will never stand up to TRUE POWER. It is your choice and your own very personal belief system that will change your life, for either the good or unfortunately the bad. Life has many turns, ups and downs. But doesn't that make the road fun to drive? It is all our perception and nothing more. Fear is what it is. But it has no energy without someone believing in it. So I remind you, check your 2013 alarm and awaken yourself to a positive life. Shake the dust off your feet and attend a new meeting. A meeting between you and a Source that no one can imitate. The Source is the true power of life. With this within us I ask you, who can be against us.


        Ronnie McMullen

        Author and Radio Talk Show Host