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 4/25/2015 "Getting Over Trauma"

5/2/2015 "Armstrong Economics"
with guest Martin Armstrong 

martin armstrong.jpg

Martin Armstrong was born in New Jersey the son of a lawyer and Lt. Col under General Patton in World War II. Martin was encouraged by his father to get involved in computers during the mid-1960s. He completed engineering both in hardware and software but after being offered positions by a government contractor RCA in Thule Greenland, Guam, or Vietnam, he decided to go back to gold business that he had first began working while in High School to earn money for a family trip to Europe in 1964 for the summer. Silver was removed from the coinage in 1965 and by 1968 gold began trading in bullion form in London. The gold standard collapse entirely in the summer of 1971 and gold became legal to trade in America during 1975 in bullion form. Previously, the market for gold had always been in coin form as long as they were dated prior to 1948. Armstrong pursued his studies of economics searching for answers behind the cycle of boom and busts that plagued society both in Princeton and in London. He began to do forecasting as a service to institutional cash market players in gold that included Swiss banks. As currency also began to float in 1971, Armstrong found the gyrations thought-provoking and began to notice the same oscillations that appeared in stocks in 1966, real estate into 1970, and gold as it rose to $42 in 1968 and fell below the official price of $35 in 1970, were manifesting in the rise and fall of currency prices. Armstrong became one of the very first to being forecasting currencies.  Since Armstrong was providing forecasting for clients generally three times during the course of each trading day, it began on a closed-circuit telex system – a forerunner to the internet among professional dealers. Eventually, the reports were transmitted by Western Union, and the cost to deliver such reports could be as high as $75 each. A client taking all the all markets would have to pay up to $250,000 annually just in communication costs. This prompted the opening of offices overseas to reduce the costs of delivery. Trying to manage overseas offices from the United States was impossible, and Armstrong began to take in partners in each country. As a consequence Princeton Economics International, Ltd was born. Armstrong became the chairman focusing on the research while the partners became the managing directors around the globe.